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First of all, I have not forgotten about Project CX5M. I put it on hold to move to a new house, and continued the hold while I put together a proper video production space in my new house.

And while I would like to release a video on the Yamaha Music Computer on this inaugural International Music Computer Day, that's not going to happen today.

There's always next year. However, I won't feel obliged to wait that long if I have a video ready sooner.

Secondly, I think June 5th should be International Music Computer Day. At 10AM, drink a cup of coffee and watch a YouTube video on the Yamaha CX5M. Or even better, if you have a CX5M, pull it out for old time's sake.

Why 10AM? Well, CX is the roman numeral for 110 and binary 110 is 6. And M is the roman numeral for 1000. And since Doc Brown's first time machine was destroyed... Er, since there was no electricity in 1000 A.D., we'll settle for the 1000 being ten-hundred hours, or 10:00AM local time.

Or listen to your favorite 80's album featuring the Yamaha DX21 or Yamaha DX7 synthesizer.

You're still stuck on coffee? Fine, whatever, just drink a glass of your favorite beverage.

Or go for a ride on your Yamaha motorcycle, I'm not picky; but if you choose the motorcycle ride option, you might want to consider finishing your coffee first. (Or whatever you picked to drink, but that better be a legal beverage to consume before operating a motorcycle.)

But what do I know, I can't even ride a bike, much less operate a motorcycle. But it seems both methods of conveyance require both hands to operate safely.

Now if anyone can find Doc Brown's other time machine...