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On-Stream Mentions and Products

Website Note: I am still committed to not running ads on my blog. However, this page is not a blog post, and includes affiliate advertising for products and services that I actually use and would recommend to family. Which leads to the following...

FTC Required Disclaimer: Assume all product links below are affiliate links. This means that I may be paid a small commission when you purchase items using the links below, at no extra cost to you.

These earnings help pay for the services and supplies that I use to publish this blog and create live-streaming content.

Did I just show something on-stream that's not pre-linked in the YouTube description?

Did you come here from Twitch?

Did I give an unplanned shout out to a content creator, telling you to come here for the link?

Did you watch one of my old videos, find that one of the products that I linked in that video's description is no longer available, and want to see what I currently use its place?

Look no further!

The following page contains products that you might see me use on a live stream, products that I use for live streaming (which may or may not be seen), as well as live stream-enabling products and services.

For products that are fitted/sized, products that are available in multiple colors, and products where cost may be a factor, I may choose to include links to alternate sizes and products. I will not make any special notes when including alternate size and color options for the same item. However, I will note with "(alt)" any products that are included as alternate fit/size/color/cost options when they are different than ones I own/use or have owned/used.

If I stopped using a product or service, but could still recommend it, I may elect to leave it on the list if it is still available. However, if there is ever a product or service that I either cannot or can no longer recommend, it will not be linked on this page.

Table of Contents

Products and Services Mentioned on Twitch

Since Twitch doesn't like it when I try to put links in the description, links in this section are for products and services shown on-stream that don't merit a place in another section. Links will remain here as long as their related videos are available to re-watch on Twitch.

Note that if I was simultaneously streaming to YouTube, or later upload the video to YouTube, these links will also be available in the YouTube description.

Solder Sunday

Sunday Night Games

On Sunday Night Games streams, I have been playing through versions of Diablo and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction that are no longer available at retail. As such, I don't have product links to provide.

Music Monday

On Music Monday streams, I am in the progress of attempting to build an Adafruit x0xb0x (Roland TB-303 clone). Unfortunately, Adafruit no longer sells this in kit form and also recently ran out of PCBs, so I have no product links to provide.

Whatever Wednesday

I have not held any Whatever Wednesday streams since creating this list.

After Yak Mac Throwback

The "After Yak" part refers to the Mac Yak show that is held live on YouTube every Thursday at 8PM Eastern. And the "Mac Throwback" part refers to looking at Macs that Apple deems "Vintage" or "Obsolete".

I have not held any After Yak Mac Throwback streams since creating this list.

Content Creators

The following content creators are the ones I am most likely to mention on-stream as an unsolicited shout out. I wish I could list them all, but the Internet is no longer small enough to make a site with links to everything...

None of these channels have asked to be on this list, and they appear in alphabetical order of channel name.

If I mention another content creator on-stream and they are not listed either here or in the video description, then I probably made an unplanned shout out. I do intend to go back and update the YouTube description after a stream, usually within a day or two, but I sometimes forget. Feel free to leave a comment on the video to remind me.

If you ever ask to be on this list, you are permanently disqualified from being on this list, as it would no longer be an unsolicited shout out. Asking that I make a correction to an entry already on this list is permitted.

Soldering Tools and Supplies


I use Streamlabs Prime for multi-streaming and chat moderation. Using this affiliate link may provide you with promotional pricing.

If you've watched several of my streams, you probably noticed that I stream electronics work from the basement, whereas other streams are done against a nondescript wall which is in my Office. Due to various quirks in OBS and differing needs of each setup, I have separate hardware for each streaming setup.

Electronics Lab (aka Basement) Streaming Setup

You'll know if I'm streaming from the basement in a video, because I make no attempt to hide that fact. Those shelves are the ones I use to store my electronics and computer parts and projects on, so they'll probably remain lurking in the background. Even if I finish the basement, the Electronics Lab will remain where it is.

So if you see me streaming from the basement and wonder what gear I'm using, wonder no longer.

Office Streaming Setup

You'll know I'm streaming from my Office if you don't see the basement behind me. Instead, you'll see a nondescript wall with a light shining up from the floor. Fancy.

Given how small the main webcam view is while streaming, and given how I'm going to move this setup into a corner (complete with a second light shining up from the floor – double fancy), I'm not going to try to decorate the background with memorabilia.

Anyways, the gear list for my Office streaming setup is similar to my Electronics Lab streaming setup.